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Michael Jordan Is Engaged…

ImageSo Michael Jordan decided to put a ring on it. Yes he is going to wed a girl young enough to be his child. Im sure his ex wife is thrilled. Hmm, with all the divorce news lately lets hope their nuptuals last a little longer than Kim Ks.



So the rumor mills are alive with talk of Beyone Knowles- Carter was admitted to St. Luke’s Hospital in New York City to deliver her baby girl. I don’t believe it but then again, Im still not %100 sure she is pregnant but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on this baby news.

ImageSay it isn’t so!! The pop star from a Christian upbringing and the “former” sex addict and drug abuser from across the pond are realizing that they are not as perfectly matched as they thought??? Boo hoo.

Im sure she  will make a great mother especially since she is known for having excellent morals. She will teach her daughter the A B Cs of  life like  how to sleep with a married man then make him pay handsomely for  it…