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Miley Cyrus Loves Cake!

ImageMiley Cyrus is always going out of of her way to prove that she is not a little girl anymore.
From her adult gowns on the red carpet to her provocative moves on the stage, she wants you to
know that she is all woman. And for Miley, being a woman means being overly sexy and smoking weed.

Not too long ago her publicist was working over time trying to deny the allegations that Miss Cyrus smoked Marijuana. Speculation started during her party at Beacher’s Madhouse in Los Angeles. Her friends brought out a cake and Miley took to that stage and said,”You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much f***in’ weed.”

Well now she has tongues wagging again as photos from her boyfriends birthday party were released to the media. This weekend Cyrus celebrated her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth‘s birthday. All was well until the cake came out; A phallic shaped cake! Miley must have a wicked sense of humor giving a penis cake to her boyfriend, on his birthday! Like she literally wanted to see him eat a (expletive). Nontheless, the pop star did waste a moment before she started taking pictures that looked like she was licking the cake.Image

The girl is 19, rich, and doesn’t have a care in the world. She was having fun with her friends and that’s that. At 19 there are worst things she could be doing so lighten up!


I almost lost my lunch after I saw this picture! What happened to Cameron Diaz‘s face? I used to think she was one of the most
beautiful women in the world but not anymore. She’s only 39 and her face looks like melting wax. Help her doctor 90210!

In my opinion, her looks have been going down hill since your split with Justin Timberlake. Ever since then,
she’s looked a little more tired, a little worn. Maybe its a demanding work schedule? Maybe its too many trips to the tanning salon?
Maybe to much partying with alcohol and illegal substances? I don’t know? But I know something is going on for her to look like someone slapped her with an ugly stick. Just kidding.

Looking at the photo again, she looks like a 50 year old woman who aged poorly and go cosmetic surgery but the doctor did a bad job…

The only thing going for her now is her body! Cameron, lets hope that body still looks good in a bikini. You were shocked that Hollywood see’s you as a Mom; if you’re not careful they will start sending scripts where you are playing the Grandmother!

Ms. Diaz, go take a relaxing vacation in Brazil and visit one of those beautiful spas (cosmetic surgery buildings) and come back refreshed and looking like a the vibrant, beautiful woman you are! And do it now!


Say it ain’t so! I for one was shocked when I heard that Seal and Heidi will be separating. 

The couple seemed to defy the notion of “marriages don’t work in Hollywood.” They renewed vows every year and dressed up in complimenting Halloween costumes for their annual Halloween Bash. They seemed to love each other and being a family unit, so what happened?

Sources are blaming Heidi’s success for causes some jealousy and tension in the household. Hmm, could the fact that we always refer to the couple as Seal and Heidi Klum but a testament to that? What the hell is Mr. Klum’s, I mean, Seal’s last name anyway?

Or maybe Heidi’s decision to wear the monkey suits last Halloween. For some reason I don’t think that sat right with Seal. I did bother me a bit…

Seal has said that they have grown apart and yet he has a lot of love and respect for Heidi and will not remove his wedding ring. As he put it, “she has given me four incredible gifts…four beautiful children.” And for their sake, the two will maintain dignified in the media.

As luck would have it, in the midst of all this turmoil in Seal’s love life, he recently released a romance album! Guess those songs were inspired by the couple’s better days.

In any event, I wish them the best and hopeful they can find their way back to each other. Its a recession out there Seal, there are worst things than being referred to as Mr. Heidi Klum!

Paula Deen, the sweet and charismatic Southern TV cook known for her (deep fried, fried fat, buttered, then fried again) comfort food shared that she has Type 2 Diabetes. Say what? Hush my puppies. Someone must have held her at gunpoint to tell that lie on national television.

After all, Type 2 Diabetes is found in people who are over weight, eat fattening foods and live an unhealthy lifestyle. Paula Deen encourages everyone to eat…wait…well…I digress.

Many have criticized Deen for promoting food high in saturated fat and sugar to an obese nation. I think think everyone has the right to watch whomever and eat whatever they want. If you choose to follow a woman who swears by butter, cream and a deep fryer while serving up her version of lard and sugar-laden Southern cuisine, so be it.

Doctors say its no surprise that she has developed Diabetes and reports say she’s been living with the disease for years! Well when your “Lady Brunch Burger” is a fried egg with bacon on a beef patty sandwiched between two glazed doughnuts, what did you think was going to happen.” (Though I must admit this sounds oddly appetizing ).

Now that the secret is out, everyone, especially the Food Network, is interested in how she will proceed with her popular cooking show. Will she start preparing low fat version of her favorite comfort foods? Will she start substituting the sugar in her baked goodies with Agave Nectar Trivia? Rumor has it that she is teaming up with a pharmaceutical company to promote a new drug for Type 2 Diabetes. Im sure it will do well. I have a sneaky suspicion that many of her fans are battling the disease as well.

On that note, Im heading to the gym, now!


Halle Berry is walking around town with something that resembles an engagement ring.  Didn’t she tell God, I mean Oprah, that she would never marry again? She even told The Sun, “I wish I had known then that I was not the marrying kind. It would have saved me a lot of time, heartache and grief over the years.” She added, “I have done it twice and I am not going to do it again.”
So what happened Ms. Berry?
Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry met while filming “Dark Tide.”  Obviously they clicked since they seem so happy together whenever the paparazzi captures them. Plus, they have so much in common being the same age and all….However, Berry has had terrible relationships with every man she was married to and her daughter’s father.
Beware Martinez, beware! She is beautiful, rich but have you googled Halle Berry?  Crazy Halle Berry to be specific? There are some wild things out there about her. Now, you can’t believe EVERYTHING you read BUT, you know some of those reports are not too far fetched…. History repeats itself Martinez! That’s all Im saying.
Now Halle, this isn’t your first time at the rodeo. If you are engaged, I hope you aren’t being bamboozled by this man! He may have ulterior motives. He wouldn’t be the first man to use you to help their career…
If you’re smart, and I hope you are, you’ll look to Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell‘s relationship and put a halt on this marriage talk.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard  something about Blue Ivy Carter! Frankly, I am sick and tired of hearing hear how the parents remodeled the hospital for their stay, the 1.3 million they spent to lock down the maternity ward at Lenox Hill Hospital or about the lavish gifts they’ve gotten for this child. They had more security around their baby than the president! Since when could a hospital cover their security cameras and remove birthing suite doors to add bullet proof ones?

To all the parents who were inconvenienced while giving birth while Blue Ivy was being born, you should take legal action. No one should prevent you from being with your child just because a celebrity’s child is in the vicinity.

Though I could go on and on about how much money the Carters have spent to welcome their baby girl or the complaints that have come from new parents who were also at the hospital, I wont. The the part of this story which is fascinating to me is the whole did she or didn’t she give birth conspiracy!

The New York Daily News reports a surrogate delivered Blue Ivy while Beyonce waited in the room next door for her daughter to arrive. Well, during Beyonce’s pregnancy, rumors were plenty thanks to the singer’s amazing, ever changing, deflating baby bump. One day the bump is large, next day its small, and it even collapses on itself on national television!  First she says she is due in February then in December she says “baby is due any day now.”

If Beyonce chose to have a surrogate, fine. If she wants to lie and tell everyone she is pregnant and show off her baby bump, FINE. However, prancing around town in 5 inch heels when you are supposedly 8 or 9 months pregnant did not seem that believable Beyonce.  Not to mention shooting music videos when allegedly 6 months pregnant where she is gyrating and popping her body everywhere.

During the last trimester most expecting mothers are home relaxing or at least wearing flats when they are out and about. Star or not, when you pregnant your feet become terribly swollen to the point that is uncomfortable to wear heels. And if you are lucky enough to be able to wear heels without pain, you don’t want to in fear you might and jeopardize the life of your unborn child!

In any event, If she did use a surrogate, why not go away from the public eye and just resurface with your baby after it is born? That way no one could comment on your “baby bump” because they would never see it. Did anyone see Katie Holmes bump,

All I know is that for their peace of mind  there better not be a surrogate. She is just one other person waiting to blackmail you and tell your business in the future. I can see this surrogate writing a tell all book or threatening to do a televised expose with details of how she gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter and whatnot.

In the meantime, Jay-Z and Beyonce should watch how much attention they are giving this baby girl. Jay-Z already made her youngest person on the Billboard charts, ever! That’s all fine and dandy but remember all the fuss that was made over Cher’s little Chastity? Or most recently, Angelina Jolie‘s daughter Shiloh? Yeah, keep playing around and Blue Ivy will start saying SHE feels more like a HE and wants to be called Lil’ Boi Blue!

Over the past year or so I’ve found myself dating really good looking men. One, because I work with a lot of them and two, because they are so attractive. Who doesn’t want to date a beautiful man with rock hard abs? Seriously? However, the prettier the face, the bigger the heartbreak.

Many of the attractive men I’ve dated think they are God’s gift to womankind and must give themselves freely to whomever is willing to take them.

Im sure not every gorgeous man is a “player” but I haven’t dated one who wasn’t!

The other night I was discussing my dating woes to a friend and she  urged me to go outside my comfort zone and date an “ugly man.” Hmm, I guess if a man is less attractive he has less options to cheat with and may be more appreciative of me. Sounds promising.  Now this morning on the radio I hear the DJs talking about Kirstie Alley going on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, telling Ellen that she wants to date ugly men! Here is what Kirstie had to say about her new dating venture: “I’m thinking ugly men might be the solution. I’m talking about butt ugly. Because I go for really handsome men and I think butt ugly would be appreciative.”

Well Amen sister! I swear I felt like it was some divine power trying to encourage me to get on board with the whole “date and esthetically challenged man movement.” I don’t know…

Im not superficial BUT when it comes to finding a partner I have to have some physical attraction to the person. He doesn’t have to be Bradley Cooper but he can’t look like Beetle Juice either! Sigh…


Why do women like to blame the other woman when sexual infidelity plagues their relationship? Rarely do women blame their husbands or boyfriends when they find out he is cheating. Women will follow their man to the woman’s home, get her number from his phone and confront or try to demonize the woman involved in the extramarital affair. Why? Your husband or boyfriend knows he is in a relationship and shouldn’t be cheating. If he does stray, you confront and question him! He promised to be faithful, loyal, monogamous to you, the woman has nothing to do with you.

I was just reading an article about Amber Rose calling Kim Kardashian a homewrecker because she allegedly “hooked up” with Kanye West while he was dating Amer Rose. Amber, Kanye was the homewrecker! Kanye knew he had a girlfriend but decided to allegedly “hook up” with Kim Kardashian. Amber Rose says she went as far as emailing Kim asking for an explanation and whatnot…

Kim did not give Amber Rose a response but Kim did not owe her one either.  Kanye is the only one who owed you anything Amber Rose. He was your man, he knew he was in a relationship you and yet he let temptation get the best of him, allegedly.

Going forward, if your man cheats, take a page out of Elin Nordegren’s book and confront the man!

Audra McDonald of The Practice, who is also a Tony Award winning actress currently staring in Broadway’s “Porgy and Bess,” and Will Swenson, who plays Tick in “Priscilla Queen of the Desert: The Musical,” got engaged on New Year’s Day.

“Thanks for all of the sweet congrats on our engagement,” McDonald tweeted Tuesday. “We’re super happy and excited.”

A publicist for McDonald on Wednesday said the couple isn’t releasing any further details out of respect for their privacy.

It will be the second marriage for both.

Forty-one-year-old McDonald is mom to 10-year-old Zoe Madeline from a previous marriage to bassist Peter Donovan. Thirty-eight-year-old Swenson has two sons, Bridger and Sawyer, with ex-wife Amy Westerby.



Lil baby David Otunga has never seen the “overweight version” of his mommy:

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