The fabulously flamboyant Olympic skater, Johnny Weir, has married his boyfriend, Victor Voronov!
In the company of their parents, Johnny and Victor exchanged handwritten vows in a Courthouse in New York and on Friday, December 30th, 2011. Weir tweeted, ” Im married. No more livin’ in sin!”

The couple was so happy about their union that they released separate statements about eachother to the public.

Weir says: “I am so happy to have found my match. Finding someone to share your life with is one of the most important things a human can do and was preached to me by my mother. Victor is the epitome of a gentleman, as handsome as he is clever and loving. Our road to marriage has been a fast one, but one I never waivered on. I am honored to have been married in the great state of New York, and I hope more states pass laws allowing all Americans to be united through love and marriage.” 

Voronov says: “Getting married to Johnny has been the greatest experience of my life. He is the most wonderful, caring and nurturing person – and I can be guaranteed of one thing – with Johnny, I will never be bored. The support from my friends and family has been overwhelming and I am looking forward to beginning my life with the most incredible person I have ever known.”

You just have to be happy for these two. They are so happy and in love… Weir you better have a good lawyer and  an iron clad prenup! I’m just saying. Voronov graduated from Georgetown Law School so you know he is smart and knows the law. You see how people are getting divorced left and right, you don’t want a year to go by then find out your hubby wants half of your bank account! Things are all wonderful now but you know that can all change at a moments notice. Ask Kim Kardashian!

In any event, the couple plans to have a large ceremony for friends and family in 2012. Best of luck guys!