Why do women like to blame the other woman when sexual infidelity plagues their relationship? Rarely do women blame their husbands or boyfriends when they find out he is cheating. Women will follow their man to the woman’s home, get her number from his phone and confront or try to demonize the woman involved in the extramarital affair. Why? Your husband or boyfriend knows he is in a relationship and shouldn’t be cheating. If he does stray, you confront and question him! He promised to be faithful, loyal, monogamous to you, the woman has nothing to do with you.

I was just reading an article about Amber Rose calling Kim Kardashian a homewrecker because she allegedly “hooked up” with Kanye West while he was dating Amer Rose. Amber, Kanye was the homewrecker! Kanye knew he had a girlfriend but decided to allegedly “hook up” with Kim Kardashian. Amber Rose says she went as far as emailing Kim asking for an explanation and whatnot…

Kim did not give Amber Rose a response but Kim did not owe her one either.  Kanye is the only one who owed you anything Amber Rose. He was your man, he knew he was in a relationship you and yet he let temptation get the best of him, allegedly.

Going forward, if your man cheats, take a page out of Elin Nordegren’s book and confront the man!