Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard  something about Blue Ivy Carter! Frankly, I am sick and tired of hearing hear how the parents remodeled the hospital for their stay, the 1.3 million they spent to lock down the maternity ward at Lenox Hill Hospital or about the lavish gifts they’ve gotten for this child. They had more security around their baby than the president! Since when could a hospital cover their security cameras and remove birthing suite doors to add bullet proof ones?

To all the parents who were inconvenienced while giving birth while Blue Ivy was being born, you should take legal action. No one should prevent you from being with your child just because a celebrity’s child is in the vicinity.

Though I could go on and on about how much money the Carters have spent to welcome their baby girl or the complaints that have come from new parents who were also at the hospital, I wont. The the part of this story which is fascinating to me is the whole did she or didn’t she give birth conspiracy!

The New York Daily News reports a surrogate delivered Blue Ivy while Beyonce waited in the room next door for her daughter to arrive. Well, during Beyonce’s pregnancy, rumors were plenty thanks to the singer’s amazing, ever changing, deflating baby bump. One day the bump is large, next day its small, and it even collapses on itself on national television!  First she says she is due in February then in December she says “baby is due any day now.”

If Beyonce chose to have a surrogate, fine. If she wants to lie and tell everyone she is pregnant and show off her baby bump, FINE. However, prancing around town in 5 inch heels when you are supposedly 8 or 9 months pregnant did not seem that believable Beyonce.  Not to mention shooting music videos when allegedly 6 months pregnant where she is gyrating and popping her body everywhere.

During the last trimester most expecting mothers are home relaxing or at least wearing flats when they are out and about. Star or not, when you pregnant your feet become terribly swollen to the point that is uncomfortable to wear heels. And if you are lucky enough to be able to wear heels without pain, you don’t want to in fear you might and jeopardize the life of your unborn child!

In any event, If she did use a surrogate, why not go away from the public eye and just resurface with your baby after it is born? That way no one could comment on your “baby bump” because they would never see it. Did anyone see Katie Holmes bump,

All I know is that for their peace of mind  there better not be a surrogate. She is just one other person waiting to blackmail you and tell your business in the future. I can see this surrogate writing a tell all book or threatening to do a televised expose with details of how she gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter and whatnot.

In the meantime, Jay-Z and Beyonce should watch how much attention they are giving this baby girl. Jay-Z already made her youngest person on the Billboard charts, ever! That’s all fine and dandy but remember all the fuss that was made over Cher’s little Chastity? Or most recently, Angelina Jolie‘s daughter Shiloh? Yeah, keep playing around and Blue Ivy will start saying SHE feels more like a HE and wants to be called Lil’ Boi Blue!