Paula Deen, the sweet and charismatic Southern TV cook known for her (deep fried, fried fat, buttered, then fried again) comfort food shared that she has Type 2 Diabetes. Say what? Hush my puppies. Someone must have held her at gunpoint to tell that lie on national television.

After all, Type 2 Diabetes is found in people who are over weight, eat fattening foods and live an unhealthy lifestyle. Paula Deen encourages everyone to eat…wait…well…I digress.

Many have criticized Deen for promoting food high in saturated fat and sugar to an obese nation. I think think everyone has the right to watch whomever and eat whatever they want. If you choose to follow a woman who swears by butter, cream and a deep fryer while serving up her version of lard and sugar-laden Southern cuisine, so be it.

Doctors say its no surprise that she has developed Diabetes and reports say she’s been living with the disease for years! Well when your “Lady Brunch Burger” is a fried egg with bacon on a beef patty sandwiched between two glazed doughnuts, what did you think was going to happen.” (Though I must admit this sounds oddly appetizing ).

Now that the secret is out, everyone, especially the Food Network, is interested in how she will proceed with her popular cooking show. Will she start preparing low fat version of her favorite comfort foods? Will she start substituting the sugar in her baked goodies with Agave Nectar Trivia? Rumor has it that she is teaming up with a pharmaceutical company to promote a new drug for Type 2 Diabetes. Im sure it will do well. I have a sneaky suspicion that many of her fans are battling the disease as well.

On that note, Im heading to the gym, now!