I almost lost my lunch after I saw this picture! What happened to Cameron Diaz‘s face? I used to think she was one of the most
beautiful women in the world but not anymore. She’s only 39 and her face looks like melting wax. Help her doctor 90210!

In my opinion, her looks have been going down hill since your split with Justin Timberlake. Ever since then,
she’s looked a little more tired, a little worn. Maybe its a demanding work schedule? Maybe its too many trips to the tanning salon?
Maybe to much partying with alcohol and illegal substances? I don’t know? But I know something is going on for her to look like someone slapped her with an ugly stick. Just kidding.

Looking at the photo again, she looks like a 50 year old woman who aged poorly and go cosmetic surgery but the doctor did a bad job…

The only thing going for her now is her body! Cameron, lets hope that body still looks good in a bikini. You were shocked that Hollywood see’s you as a Mom; if you’re not careful they will start sending scripts where you are playing the Grandmother!

Ms. Diaz, go take a relaxing vacation in Brazil and visit one of those beautiful spas (cosmetic surgery buildings) and come back refreshed and looking like a the vibrant, beautiful woman you are! And do it now!