ImageMiley Cyrus is always going out of of her way to prove that she is not a little girl anymore.
From her adult gowns on the red carpet to her provocative moves on the stage, she wants you to
know that she is all woman. And for Miley, being a woman means being overly sexy and smoking weed.

Not too long ago her publicist was working over time trying to deny the allegations that Miss Cyrus smoked Marijuana. Speculation started during her party at Beacher’s Madhouse in Los Angeles. Her friends brought out a cake and Miley took to that stage and said,”You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much f***in’ weed.”

Well now she has tongues wagging again as photos from her boyfriends birthday party were released to the media. This weekend Cyrus celebrated her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth‘s birthday. All was well until the cake came out; A phallic shaped cake! Miley must have a wicked sense of humor giving a penis cake to her boyfriend, on his birthday! Like she literally wanted to see him eat a (expletive). Nontheless, the pop star did waste a moment before she started taking pictures that looked like she was licking the cake.Image

The girl is 19, rich, and doesn’t have a care in the world. She was having fun with her friends and that’s that. At 19 there are worst things she could be doing so lighten up!