Elton John and husband David Furnish can’t seem to keep the Material Girl’s 

name out of their mouths! First the two had some choice words for the star after the Golden Globes now the couple vow not to watch the Super Bowl halftime show since she will be performing.

If you ask me, Elton John is a little bitter because Madonna didn’t ask him to perform with her during the show. You and I both know that Elton and his husband will be watching the halftime show. Possibly with a voodoo doll of Madonna in hand praying that she falls off the stage or sounds like a dying cow or both…

To think David Furnish called Madonna a “desperate narcissist.” Really? Now if that’s not the pot
calling the kettle black I don’t know what is! What’s desperate is Elton John and his husband using
Madonna to get their name in the media since they couldn’t get publicity on their own merit.
This little media cat fight Sir Elton John is so last century. Shouldn’t you have better things to worry
about than what Madonna is doing? Just saying…