Actress Scarlett Johansson is defying what the “Hollywood Actress” should be without even knowing it. The 27 year old is not listening to those who say she should be slim with bones sticking out and only socialize with the A list crowd.

Scarlett lets you know that she makes her own rules. She is sporting these new traffic stopping curves and makes no apologies for them.

While some women in her position would run straight to a trainer, she is flaunting her body in a tiny bikini. Better yet, she is doing so while vacationing with her “commoner” boyfriend in Hawaii. Tinsel town is all abuzz over the photos of Scarlett are being circulated all over the net on every entertainment site. Not only is she heavy in Hollywood terms, she is full of cellulite.

Stop the presses! People in Hollywood can get the dreadful disease known as cellulite? No, I don’t believe it! They photoshoped those dimples on her body!

Believe it! Scarlett has a real woman’s body. Though some snobbish reporters would like to send her to a spa to smooth out her problem areas, I think she looks great. Size zero or size sexy, she is a great actress and is beautiful on the inside an out.