ImageNicole Polizzi or “Snookie” is a bit superstitious if your believe the reports circulating the internet. Apparently it was leaked a few weeks ago that the pint sized reality star was pregnant and media outlets wanted her to confirm the story. Polizzi denied being pregnant everywhere she went and asked, ”why are people saying I’m pregnant, do I look fat?”She went as far as pretending to take a sip of beer on the Wendy Williams Show a few weeks ago when she and JWOW were guests.

Why all the secrecy? Supposedly Nicole is superstitious and was wary about announcing her pregnancy to the world
before she was 3 months along. Was she worried the powers that be would have zapped the baby out of her uterus if she confirmed early on? In any event, she and her boyfriend Jionni LaValle are expecting their first child together. To make natters worst, Snookie is hoping this baby will bring her a big pay day. She is angling to sell this baby story and her baby photos for big bucks.

I secretly hope the tabloids don’t pay her a red cent but the way the media is going these days,Im bet she and her boyfriend will get their own reality show following them around as they get ready for the arrive of their new baby.