In New York, children under the age of seven or weighing less than 40lbs must be in a child safety seat when riding in a car. So, why is it that Beyonce thought it was ok to just sit in the back seat of the car with her baby in her arms? Because she is such a loving and caring mommy?

Power couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z, went to Nobu in Tribeca for lunch and decided to bring the baby along. Seems like the busy couple is trying their best to spend as much time as possible with their new baby as well as maintain a level of normalcy. The problem arose when Beyonce and Jay-Z exited the restaurant. Jay-Z takes the passenger seat of  the couple’s chauffeured car while Beyonce gets in the the back with their baby. Beyonce holds Blue Ivy close to her chest as the car pulls away. If there weren’t any laws in regarding the safety of passengers, especially babies, this wouldn’t be an issue. But we have laws and regulations that are to be followed by everyone, including celebrities.

Maybe because Beyonce and Jay-Z hangout with the Obamas makes them think she is above the law now? However, Beyonce is not only endangering her daughter by not securing her in a seat, did you take a good look at her nails in the picture? Beyonce is sporting the latest fashion trend, Stiletto Nails! Anyone who has gotten these nails know they are very sharp, claw like nails that can be dangerous. Not they type of nails you get when handling a delicate baby hours on end. A mom who didn’t have nanny’s taking care of their child all day would start to get the maternal instincts that let you know you shouldn’t wear claw nails while taking care of a baby.

But really, who cares if Blue gets a little cut here and there while Beyonce pretends to be Mommy Of The Year? As long as Beyonce looks great, everyone’s safety can be compromised! This is the same woman who thought it was okay to walk around New York City in 6inch heels while 9 months pregnant. She didn’t care if she fell, her feet looked fierce!