Mike Sorrentino, better known as Jersey Shore‘s “The Situation,” has checked himself into rehab, perhaps. Sorrentino is not a stranger to partying but it appears that his drinking and alleged substance abuse has gotten a little out of hand. Those close to The Situation say they began seeing symptoms of substance abuse in the reality star for some time and his behavior has gotten progressively worse.

During the filming of season 5 of the Jersey Shore several members of the crew noticed he was acting paranoid on the set. Fans were able to witness some of Sorrentino’s erratic behavior during several episodes of The Jersey Shore that recently aired on MTV. During an episode where the group goes camping, Sorrentino seems to be a bit jittery, sweating profusely and acting quite bizarre.

Though media outlets are saying Mike Sorrentino has entered rehab, a rep for the reality star says “has spent the past several weeks at an undisclosed location for much needed rest and recuperation after his extensive production and appearance schedule.”

First  it was Demi Moore now its The Situation saying he is so exhausted he needs medical attention. Oh, the life as a star must is so exhausting, thats why they are always out partying for hours non-stop. Last time I checked, when someone is tired, they go to bed. If work is so demanding you take time off or a leave of absence and go on vacation. Wouldn’t it be great if a single parent who works 60 hours a week could go out and party every night and when they are crashing they just check in to rehab for exhaustion? Lets see if medical insurance covers that…

I really wish these stars would stop insulting our intelligence.