ImageTalk about a perfectly matched May December relationship! Johnny Depp is rumored to be spending time with fellow hipster, Ashley Olsen. Here is the story, the afternoon of February 26 Johnny Depp was seen entering the actress turned fashion designer‘s Tribeca apartment then photoed leaving an office (connected to Olsen’s apartment building) early in the morning. Witnesses from the office say he looked exhausted. Guess he didn’t get much sleep…because they stayed up all night discussing fashion of course!

Can’t you just picture the two walking through the Village, draped in Boho chic threads, sipping on organic tea?

There has been speculation that Depp’s relationship with long time girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis has been on the rocks for some time now. The couple presents a united front when in the public eye for the sake of their children. However, Depp’s drunken nights out and now being caught sneaking out of Ashley Olsen’s place leads us to assume that everything is not copasetic with Paradis.

Wonder if this is the start of some wild behavior from Depp that will end with stint in Rehab for “exhaustion” or will a relationship develop with Olsen? Only time will tell.