Alicia Silerstone, best known for her role as Cher in the Blockbuster film, Clueless, is making headlines again. Unfortunately, this time its not for her great acting but her questionable method for feeding her baby.

A while ago Silverstone posted a video of her feeding her son 11-month-old son, Bear Blu. The video shows her practicing a mouth-to-mouth feeding technique where she chews on food then spits it into her son’s mouth. I think its disgusting but S

ilverstone thinks is adorable and believes she is improving her son’s immune system by feeding him this way.

As you can imagine, Doctors have chimed in to say that mouth-to-mouth feeding is unsanitary due to the amount of bacteria in an adult mouth and can pass infectious diseases to the child. They also believe this behavior may cause

psychological trauma and make Bear Blu unable to relate to social norms as he gets older.

Though members of the medical world and most of the general public are disgusted by the way Silverstone feeds her son, she is not letting the media pressure influence her. She says she will continue to feed her baby this way and breastfeed for as long as she wants.

Poor kid. As though the name “Bear Blu” wasn’t bad enough…He will never live down these videos.