Sexy Songstress Rihanna put down the microphone for a little while to try her hand at acting. She has a role in a new film, Battleship, and admitted to having a crush on an older man. During an interview with Company Magazine, a British publication, she revealed that she has a crush on costar,Liam Neeson.

Though he is 35 years her senior, Rihanna still finds Neeson extremely attractive. “I fell in love with [Liam Neeson] when I watched Taken and I was so star-struck, I couldn’t even look at him on set,” gushed Rihanna. ” Then he asked me for a picture with him to send to his son and I was like, ‘Send me this picture, I want it too!’”

However, Neeson wasn’t the only person that had Rihanna acting like a shy school girl on set. Alexander Skarsgard is also part of the cast and Rihanna admits to checking him out as well. “Oh my god, [Alexander Skarsgard]’s so hot! I mean, I went from gawking at him for hours every time I watched True Blood DVDs back-to-back on tour, then BOOM! He’s on set.”

Sounds like Riri had a great time while filming Battleship. Anything that keeps her away from and her mind off Chris Brown is great!