Move over right leg, Angelina’s left ring finger has stolen the show!  The nay sayers never thought this day would come but Angelina Joli and Brad Pitt have officially become engaged. The engagement rumors started when Angelina had a beautiful diamond ring on her finger while out with Brad and Maddox. After hours of speculation, the engagement was confirmed. Is it safe to assume that somewhere in California Jennifer Aniston is having a complete break down?

The news came Friday the 13th via email from Pitt’s long time manager, Cynthia Pett-Dante. She told that the power couple is engaged and their children are ” very happy.” Its no secret that the kids wanted their parents to get married and have been pressuring the power couple for a while. Now, their wish is one step closer to being reality.

Pitt allegedly worked closely with jeweler, Robert Procop, to design the perfect ring for his lovely wife to be. The ring is said to be a rectangular diamond with minor diamonds surrounding it. Its rumored that the ring took a year to design. Guess Brad wanted it to be perfect for bride to be. Wonder how long it took him to pick out the ring for Jennifer Aniston? I digress.

While fans fo the couple are happy for them, the rest of the world is rolling their eyes. Could this be a ploy to get more publicity for themselves? Possibly! But If this wedding happens, they should televise it! Tacky? Absolutely, but, it would get more ratings than the Oscars and Prince Williams’ wedding combined!