Britney Spears recently signed a $15 million contract with Simon Cowell to be one of the celebrity judges on X-Factor. She is perhaps the biggest celebrity (though JLO is the most powerful) to sign on as a judge on a reality talent show to date. She has had a successful music career since she was 17 years old, not to mention starring on Broadway at 5 and on the Mickey Mouse Club during her Pre-Teen years. If there is a person who knows a thing or two about having the “X-Factor,” its Britney Spears. So, why isn’t everyone elated that she will get to be upfront and center during the show?

If you have been watching Britney Spears over the years know that she has been struggling with alot. Whether you think its a mental or emotional instability, the details of her ailment is between she and her doctor. But, from and outsiders point of view, its safe to say that something’s just not right with Brit Brit. Remember the hair shaving, umbrella to the car incident? The quickie wedding then annulment to childhood friend, unenthusiastic concert performances and other weird situations that she was involved with? Exactly, something’s not right with her! Now she wants to go on LIVE, unscripted television and advise industry hopefuls? Yikes!!!

We all know that America loves a come back kid. Look at Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. These two seemingly cleaned up their acts and are headed back on top of the A-list. However, besides her getting engaged to Jason Trawick, Britney hasn’t shown us that she is mentally and emotionally well for a high profile job. In fact, in photos taken last week in New York City for the Fox Upfronts, Spears showed up with nasty, ratty, weaved hair and her finger nails bitten down to the core and bleeding. I remember in an interview with Diane Sawyer, back in 2003, Britney admitted to bitting her nails when she felt nervous and scared! So, if she is bitting her nails right before a press junket, you really think she is ready for the pressures of X-Factor?

Simon Cowell is banking on Spears to bring in a record number of viewers to his show. He hasn’t been impressed with the rating X-Factor and believes Britney Spears along with Demi Lovato will send the show into the Nielsen ratings stratosphere. There is no doubt that a record number of people will tune in to watch X-Factor once it airs. Everyone will be interested to see what Spears will see, how she will look like and quite frankly, everyone wants to see this train wretch in action! In slow motion preferably.

I am a fan of Britney Spears and hope for her sake that she is getting the help she needs to pull this off and excel.