ImageSeems like Katie Holmes is no longer under the spell, I mean, in love with her couch jumping turned muscle bound, hair extension wearing, Rock of Ages husband. Holmes filed for divorce in New York, in attempt to protect her privacy and  hired Jonathan Wolfe as her attorney. Wolfe is known as an expert in complicated divorces.

Holmes filled for divorce in New York last Thursday. They say her choosing to file in New York instead of California will help keep many details of their divorce private. Wonder what they want to keep so private? Its going to take a lot of stalking since their friends and family are tight lipped about what has was the last straw in the marriage. All they are saying is that the divorce papers came as a surprise since Katie seem to be so happy with Tom just a couple of week ago. Hmm, could it be that the actress was “acting” like she was happy?

I must say that during interviews for Rock of Ages, whenever Cruise was asked a question about his family, he would talk about Suri. I would wonder, what about his Wife? If Tom gushed about Katie during recent interviews like Seal did about Heidi before their divorce, one may believe he didn’t know there was trouble.

Speaking of Tom Cruise and his family, did you know that he has 2 other children? He adopted son, Conner and daughter, Isabella when he was with Nicole Kidman. Conner, his bi-racial son, is so impressed by his daddy that he wants to be an actor just like Cruise. Tom is good friends with Will Smith and when Smith’s kids said they wanted to be in films, Smith made it happen. Why hasn’t Tom followed Smith’s lead and have Conner star along side himself? I digress.

With entertainment news being a 24 hour, 7 days a week thing, it will be difficult for Holmes and Cruise to keep many things secret. Or people will put out wild and crazy rumors hoping the couple will comment on them. For example, reports are saying Katie filed for divorce because Tom was going to send Suri to a Scientology boat where she would live there for years and become a this brainwashed Scientology robot. Insane right?  I don’t really care to hear much about the whole Scientology stories, I want to know the real story behind Suri’s existence. Is she the result of a successful science project like Paris and Prince Jackson?

Though the gossip circulating around these two will be amusing, we must remember that Holmes is going through a difficult time and little Suri’s world is being turned up side down right now.  Im sure Holmes’ family is providing the love and support she needs but I want to see Nicole Kidman step up and extend a hand to Holmes. Kidman knows all too well how it feels to go through a high profile divorce from Cruise and could possibly give pointers on how to make him really pay!

I can’t say that I was surprised by the Holmes-Cruise split but I wonder how Suri will deal with it. She is a very bright child, she does have a book coming out, but growing up in a broken home is never easy. Will she write a tell all book about her life? Or will she jump on a helicopter and fly off to some remote island to be alone with her thoughts? No matter how privileged she may be, she will feel the emotional stress that all children experience when their parents divorce. I hope the paparazzi take Katie and Suri’s emotional wellbeing into consideration and provide them with a little room to breathe. As for Tom? I hope the media hounds hide in his bushes find out what wild and crazy things he is keep under wraps!