Thursday, a list of music stars, athletes, models and actors were partying at W.i.P in SoHo New york. Amongst that group were superstars Drake and Chris Brown who sat with friends and had their respective VIP tables.

Everyone was having a great time until Chris Brown got the bright idea to make amends with his colleague and one time friend (Chris and Drake have been at odds since Drake dated Rihanna). Chris Brown thought it would e a good idea to send an expensive bottle of champagne to Drake’s VIP table as a peace offering. According to sources, Drake didn’t like the gesture and quickly returned the bottle to Chris with a kind note saying, “I am f*cking the love of your life.”

Moments after the bottle was returned, members of Drake’s entourage approached Chris’ table. A few words were apparently exchanged between both the stars friends and a fight broke out. Some conflicting reports have come out regarding whether or not Drake threw a bottle at Chris Brown causing a cut on his chin. It was a blood bath for anyone who was near these two musicians during the fight.

When it was all said and done, members from both entourages including Chris Brown, his girlfriend and his bodyguard had to receive immediate medical attention. Tony Parker was also rushed to the hospital after a piece of glass scratched his retina, a model who was partying at the club had to get stitches in her arm and innocent bystanders were hurt in the scuffle.

After the melee, Drake allegedly went to Rihanna’s hotel room with a bodyguard because he was afraid to spend the night in his own room. Then, that very Thursday night, Rihanna went to Jay-Z‘s 40/40 club to party with her girls and guess who shows up? Chris Brown! Sources say the two spent some time in a private room and were seen being very affectionate with eachother. Must be great to be Rihanna. Wonder how Chris’ girlfriend feels about their public display of affection and admiration for eachother?

In any event, Chris is not happy about the cut on his chin and wants Drake to pay, with jail time! Chris has provided his lawyer, Mark Geragos, with video footage from the fight and Geragos says he has evidence Drake threw glassware. Media outlets were reporting that there was a warrant out for Drake’s arrest for reckless endangerment, for allegedly hurling a bottle. However, much to Chris Brown’s chagrin, new reports say that Drake will not face arrest. Sorry Chris!