I was elated when I saw this headline pop up. “Jen and Justin Engaged!” I secretly felt bad for her after Angelina Joli was able to steal Brad Pitt away from her, effortlessly, during their filming of Mr and Mrs Smith. Then without any shame, they would parade their love for all to see at every awards ceremony in Hollywood. And just when you thought Aniston was getting her groove back with John Mayer, he dumps her and talks about her like a dog.  When she went crawling back to him, he dumps her again!

Yes, I felt like she had no self respect. She had a great body (that she was ever so ready to flaunt any chance she got) and a respectable acting career, but, I thought she could kiss a meaningful romantic relationship goodbye. Well, that was until she walked onto the set of Wanderlust and met co-star, Justin Theroux.

Theroux is an actor,screenwriter and director. He has had a successful run on Broadway, co-wrote the comedy blockbuster, Tropic Thunder and wrote the screenplay for Iron Man 2! Theroux also comes from a family of notables. He is the nephew of poet Alexander Theroux and the great-great grandson of financier and railroad magnate H.B. Hollins.

From the moment the two met, they have been virtually inseparable. The couple entertained the blogs and entertainment blogs with their matching too cool for school outfits. Now, just a year or so after the two met, Theroux proposed during his birthday celebration on Friday! What a romantic guy. The only gift we wanted was for Jennifer to say yes, which she did. If anyone deserves a happy ending, its Aniston.