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Britney Spears recently signed a $15 million contract with Simon Cowell to be one of the celebrity judges on X-Factor. She is perhaps the biggest celebrity (though JLO is the most powerful) to sign on as a judge on a reality talent show to date. She has had a successful music career since she was 17 years old, not to mention starring on Broadway at 5 and on the Mickey Mouse Club during her Pre-Teen years. If there is a person who knows a thing or two about having the “X-Factor,” its Britney Spears. So, why isn’t everyone elated that she will get to be upfront and center during the show?

If you have been watching Britney Spears over the years know that she has been struggling with alot. Whether you think its a mental or emotional instability, the details of her ailment is between she and her doctor. But, from and outsiders point of view, its safe to say that something’s just not right with Brit Brit. Remember the hair shaving, umbrella to the car incident? The quickie wedding then annulment to childhood friend, unenthusiastic concert performances and other weird situations that she was involved with? Exactly, something’s not right with her! Now she wants to go on LIVE, unscripted television and advise industry hopefuls? Yikes!!!

We all know that America loves a come back kid. Look at Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. These two seemingly cleaned up their acts and are headed back on top of the A-list. However, besides her getting engaged to Jason Trawick, Britney hasn’t shown us that she is mentally and emotionally well for a high profile job. In fact, in photos taken last week in New York City for the Fox Upfronts, Spears showed up with nasty, ratty, weaved hair and her finger nails bitten down to the core and bleeding. I remember in an interview with Diane Sawyer, back in 2003, Britney admitted to bitting her nails when she felt nervous and scared! So, if she is bitting her nails right before a press junket, you really think she is ready for the pressures of X-Factor?

Simon Cowell is banking on Spears to bring in a record number of viewers to his show. He hasn’t been impressed with the rating X-Factor and believes Britney Spears along with Demi Lovato will send the show into the Nielsen ratings stratosphere. There is no doubt that a record number of people will tune in to watch X-Factor once it airs. Everyone will be interested to see what Spears will see, how she will look like and quite frankly, everyone wants to see this train wretch in action! In slow motion preferably.

I am a fan of Britney Spears and hope for her sake that she is getting the help she needs to pull this off and excel.


During Will Smith’s many years in the entertainment business he thought he knew every trick under a reporter‘s sleeve. Well, he was obviously taken off guard by what was waiting for him in Moscow.

Will Smith was in Moscow for the premiere of “Men in Black 3” and looked jovial as he walked down the red carpet; Waving to fans and speaking to reporters. All was well until his encounter with one eager reporter from Ukrainian‘s television channel 1+1, Vitalii Sediuk. Sediuk rushes to Mr. Smith, hugs him and kisses him on the cheek. Smith who understands that customs are a little different in Europe, in regards to them being more affectionate, accepts the kiss and turns to walk away. As Smith turns away,  the reporter holds on to the actor starts planting several kisses on both cheeks then tries to kiss the actor on the lips. A stunned Will Smith pushes the reporter away and gives him a back handed slap across his face. Smith yells, “Come on man, what the hell is your problem?”

All the cameras on the red carpet focus in on Smith as he says with a disgusted look on his face, “He tried to kiss me on my mouth! He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him!” He quickly follows that comment with, “Sorry, I said that on camera.”

Sediuk is known for trying to surprise celebrities with kisses on the lips but none have reacted the way Will Smith has. I think it was  about time someone made him realize the consequences of his actions.

In today’s fame hungry world, gags like these on celebrities are a sure fire way to get the media talking about a virtually unknown person and propel them to stardom. Think about all the hoax’s Sasha Baron Cohen has pulled over the years. His over the top pranks and annoying antics helped make him become the star he is today. So, is Sediuk angling for a role in a comedic film for his one prank show? I don’t know, but Im sure we haven’t heard or seen the last of him yet!



Actress Gabourey Sidibe was on Watch What Happens Live, hosted by Andy Cohen the other day and told viewers about her disappointment after meeting her screen idol Joan Cusack at a party.

During the the show’s “Plead the Fifth” segment, Sidibe was asked,”What celebrity were you most disappointed by when you finally met them?”

Sidibe said,”I met Joan Cusack, who is my favorite – I love her – but, it was before I became (famous) or whatever. I was at some industry party, and she says, ‘Are you an actress?’ And I said, ‘Yeah!’ And she says, ‘Oh honey, you should really quit the business, it’s so image-conscious.'”

However, Sidibe did not take Cusack’s advice because soon after their introduction she auditioned for the role of precious and as they say ‘the rest is history.'”

Though Cusack’s words were harsh, was she wrong for the advice she gave? Maybe Sidibe asked her for a helpful tip and Cusack told her what she truthfully felt! In any event, Sidibe has gone on to star in Tower Heist and is a supporting actress on the Big-C.

Gabourey Sidibe’s on-screen success is definitely outside of Hollywood norms. However, I hope the entertainment industry continues to take chances with other actors who are not picture perfect. 

ImageBeyonce and her mother, Tina, had an interview with People Magazine the other day in honor of her being name People’s 2012 most beautiful woman. During their conversation the rumor about Beyonce using as surrogate to carry her daughter came up and the two decided to address them.

This is the moment Beyonce fans have been waiting for; the day that Beyonce would address the rumors and put all doubt to rest. She told the interviewer of the rumors, “That was crazy. It wasn’t hurtful, it was just crazy.[I thought] ‘Where did they come up with this?’”

Her mother quickly interjected with,”I thought it was very unfair and very cruel that someone would think that someone would be that diabolical to keep up a charade like that for nine months,” the singer’s mom told People. “As a mother it was painful for me to hear.”

So, what about that folding belly you ask? She says that was the dress that looked all scrunched up, not her belly. “It was a fabric that folded — does fabric not fold?” Beyonce.

As for her prancing around New York in 5 inch heels while 9 months pregnant? The songstress had this to say, “I didn’t feel that I looked beautiful during birth — but who does? After being pumped with all those fluids and gaining so much weight, with my swollen lips and cheeks, I barely recognized myself. I tried my best to roller-set my hair and I wore my [lip] gloss when I arrived at the hospital. I committed to the end and wore my kitten heels. It makes me laugh thinking about it. But after many hours of labor, I didn’t care how I looked. It was all about the miracle that God gave me — the opportunity to deliver a human being.”

Very touching Beyonce but you haven’t said anything to clear up the rumors. In fact, you dug a deeper ditch for herself.

Anyone who has watched the video of her belly collapsing saw that it was not the fabric but that huge bump that looked like a big belly which folded.

Also, what are these fluids she was being pumped with and why? Most pregnant women retain water, and gain weight and swollen lips aren’t what they complain most about.

Lastly, she doesn’t mention much about the labor. How many hours was she in labor? What about the pain? Who was with her when her water broke and she was rushed to the hospital?

She doesn’t speak on any of the above but she knew exactly when to get a roller set and made sure her lip gloss was poppin’.

Why is Beyonce trying so hard to convince people that she gave birth to her child? She is posting photos of her swollen feet online and says they were taken when she was pregnant. If she really wants to quiet the rumors, all she has to do is release a photo of her naked, pregnant belly!